Are you having scaling issues with your web application ?

It happens to almost all web sites and web applications at some stage, an unplanned surge in users causes your site to either slow down or go down. We attack scalability issues in a number of innovative ways. We can work with you during the initial concept stages of a new application all the way to day-to-day maintenance. Our consultants have worked on some of the very largest and most successful web applications

We tackle scalability issues using a 3 faceted approach.

Code reviews and audits

Among our consultants we have some very skilled programmers, we can review your applications code with an eye for scalability as part of this we will load test your application and its associated database queries. We can then isolate the pain points in your code and suggest remedial fixes for you.

If the source code for the application your deploying isn't available to you then we can focus on optimizing the parts of the system that the application interacts with.

Infrastructure Tuning

We will work with you to tune your application hosting stack - from your servers operating system to the use of CDNs to get your content closer to your users and off your servers. We have experience tuning all operating systems, database engines and application/web servers currently in wide use. We can also tune networking equipment along the delivery path of your application.

Infrastructure Automation

Often the surge in users is only a temporary issue but our consultants have designed many systems that will allow your application to dynamically scale (up and down) as your load requires. We can do this by utilizing public cloud services or by utilizing private in house clouds. We can also engineer hybrid solutions where your main day-to-day hosting is performed on physical servers but your dynamic scaling is done using cloud/virtual servers.